Pacific Domes – BioEnergy Dome

Pacific Domes – BioEnergy Domes Produce Clean, Sustainable and Renewable Energy = Be Part of the Solution

The BioEnergy Dome will provide energy and food for your family and community with innovative, state-of-the-art sustainable off-the-grid technology. BioEnergy Domes efficiently harness energy from the sun, transforming it into green biomass for fuel, while simultaneously producing vegetables, herbs and fish. These systems are applicable for any family, community, or municipality, regardless of climate or terrain and are inexpensive to build and maintain. BioEnergy Domes offer a solution to local needs for energy and food.

This technology would prove a great solution to current issues in Japan as well as the EU!

How it Works

The Pacific Domes BioEnergy Dome combines a number of innovative systems that enhance the growth of specific aquatic plants. This is how it works:

  • plants grow in a pond inside our specially designed dome with a hypar reflector (maintains consistent natural sunlight creating an “eternal springtime”)
  • fast growing plants hand harvested, dried and fed into generator (drying equipment utilizes heat from generator which prepares fast drying fuel plants for combustion)
  • generator produces electricity from combustion of plants and turned into kilowatt energy
  • by-product of plant combustion is mostly potash and micro-nutrients, which become fertilizer
  • fertilizer cycled back into the water to enhance plant growth
  • only emissions produced: CO2 and water vapor, which are cycled back into dome to feed growing plants
  • process creates an advanced power system – zero emissions, zero noise and requires maintenance twice a day

Pacific Domes BioEnergy Dome was developed in conjunction with inventor, Rudy Behrens, an aerospace engineer specializing in biospheres. Rudy is the winner of the “Best Renewable Energy Award” and in conjunction with Rutgers University of NJ, Rudy has tested this patented system successfully.

Green Coal

Unutilized biomass can be pressed into pellets creating “green coal.” Green coal is:

  • a zero emission fuel
  • pellets can be used for fuel, fertilizer or fodder
  • burns extremely clean
  • emits only CO2 and water vapor, which are recycled back into the dome to be utilized by plants

Food Production

  • multileveled trays full of hydroponic vegetables stacked inside dome
  • vegetables are necessary to feed nutrients into the pond
  • fish, grown in the pond, are necessary to the system and together fish and vegetables supply clean, consistent and abundant fresh food
  • unlike most farmed fish systems, this system is self-cleaning and does not require the use of chemicals.

Wind Energy

  • dome aerodynamics enhance wind harvesting capacity by as much as 50%
  • wind power can be coupled with the BioEnergy system to produce energy

Greywater treatment

The BioEnergy Dome can also be used as a plant filter, fed by and removing contaminants from greywater. Greywater is wastewater generated from laundry, dishwashing and bathing. This is the process:

  • graywater processed in pond
  • plants consume organic and chemical pollutants
  • creates clean water for landscape and garden
  • mushrooms can also be used to purify water in this system.
  • if greywater is utilized, food production, fodder and fertilizer are not applicable
  • our Commercial Unit can process up to 5,000 gallons of greywater per day
  • utilizing a managed eco system inside the dome, potable water can be achieved

Sizes and Specs

The BioEnergy Dome size is adaptable according to your energy needs. We currently offer a Single-Family Unit, a 10-Family Unit and a small Commercial Unit.

  • Single-Family Unit (24 foot dome) optimally generates about 5 kilowatts of electricity and produces about 10-15 pounds of food daily
  • 10-Family Unit (36 foot dome) optimally generates about 20 kilowatts of electricity and produces about 50 pounds of food daily
  • Commercial Unit, adequate to maintain 100 to 200 homes, (60 foot dome) optimally generates about 200 kilowatts of electricity
  • less expensive than coal or nuclear for initial set-up/ long-term maintenance, while remaining safe and completely sustainable
  • pay for itself within 1 year
  • safe for amateurs
  • can sell back excess power to local utility company

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