Building the Future with Sustainable Living Solutions

Pacific Domes is working toward a futuristic sustainable solution as we spiral into an uncertain future of climate change.  Every aspect of daily living has been carefully examined to create a self-sustaining eco system that takes care of you and your family in harmony with nature.  BioEnergy Dome systems are applicable for any family, community, municipality, regardless of climate or terrain and are inexpensive to build and maintain.  BioEnergy Domes offer a solution to local needs for energy and food.

Pacific Domes also offers Greenhouse Domes,  Aquaponic Domes, MycoDomes and VermaDomes.  Not only can you grow plants in your Greenhouse Domes but you can grow and harvest your own food with our Aquaponic Domes by farming fish and plants together in a soilless, water-based system. With our MycoDomes you can have instant, portable and self-contained units of any size for growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for your home, community or commercial project.  Mushrooms are a great source of vitamins and proteins, they can be used as medicine and some can even clean up toxic waste on the land or in water.  Finally, with our VermaCulture Domes you can create your own nutrient rich organic fertilizer and compost your waste into soil.


BioEnergy Domes

greenhouse domes

Greenhouse Domes

Aquaponic Domes

Aquaponic Domes


vermaculture domes

VermaCulture Domes


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